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Independent Engineering,

Project Management and Advice for Grid Scale Renewable Energy

Brighty Energy helps developers and investors advance their energy storage and renewable energy projects.

Our team includes some of the highest credentialed renewable energy experts, with extensive experience in project development, commercialisation, design, delivery; we have made significant contributions to well over 5GW of operating assets.

As a small, agile, engineering led firm, Brighty provides targeted advice when you need it. We are incredibly well placed to identify and manage risk on your project because we have spent over 10 years supporting the development, design and construction of large grid connected renewable energy projects in Australia.

Our focus is to improve the return on investment for each asset and reduce project delivery cost, risk and timelines through our experience.

All of the above with complete independence. The future is Brighty.

Expert guidance for
early stage developments

Get in touch with us to arrange an initial free consultation to ensure the success of your project.

Marginal Loss Factors

Brighty is developing a free online tool to help developers select the best sites.

Follow us on LinkedIn so we can let you know when it is ready.

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